Rock Solid Photography | Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Watermark (RockSolid Text) be printed on the Photo?  

No.  It will not be included on the image when sent to print.  

Can I see the photo without the Watermark?  

Sorry, no.

I cannot see the size print and/or the options I want, am I stuck with only those I see?

No, there are many options that are less popular, and to reduce clutter, you need to use the Contact form on the Menu and simply ask.  

I have some critics and request for modifications to photographs, am I OK to ask for re-edits?

Absolutely!  While some artists may resist opening themselves to requests, Our philosophy is, this is an artist process, but many customers are equally artistic and know what they are looking for.  Constructive Input is Welcome and appreciated.  

Can we purchase the Digital File?  

Sorry, due to abuses, that service is not offered, except in certain circumstances, such as Older Photos to Select Individuals who purchase Individual Licenses regarding uses, copies and distribution.

I am looking for photos from previous years?  

Sorry, due to the total volume and lack of interest, photos are only kept on the site through the previous year.  Photos may still be available.  You will need to contact us, please provide as much detail as possible for the photos you're looking to get, year(s), sport or event details. 

For Graduation photos:  With the number of kids, there is no possible way we can know them by name alone.  I can upload all of the photos from a given year, but I can not tell for certain I have any particular child.  

Also of note:  We are dealing with computer, digitized, photographs.  They do have the potential to encounter problems when copying and archiving, which makes them unreadable and there is very little that can be done, but we are always up to a challenge!  


FAQ is updated from time to time, with questions submitted through various areas.  "Dumbest Question is always the one unasked!"   We welcome all questions, feedback and requests.